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Since 1978, we have been proud of being one of the
few companies in the world to manufacture forging
by establishing the Kmforged brand after the
ged is located in İstanbul with 25.000 m2 factories
and TUVNORD and TSE.
It has facilities with many
and has many machine parks.                                                                         




Ford Special production forged wheel factories employs
22 cnc machines with the latest technology to produce
the world's finest wheels. In the respect, each combination
has the best combination of the most precise and smooth
forging wheel processing.


The finishing department is responsible for the
preparation of smooth forging surfaces by performing
extremely rigorous work with manuel workmanship to
prepare special rims. Brushed or polished veneered 
rims provide a mysterious and exotic look thanks to
trained masters.


Forged has a wide range of paint options such as 
custom-made forging wheels, brushed surface powder
coating and precision parting. Kmforged is making paint
using the world's best equipment in the paint sector.
Forged has 100% full control of forged rims as it prepares
every phase of the rim in its own production. In this 
respect all our wheels are manufactured with
extraordinary quality and precision.



The special forged performance wheels
are designed with measurements and
analyzes from more than 100 data points
for ultralight and much more robustness.
The desired special rims are modeled in 
CAD programs for each wheel and every
car brand, ensuring SAE and TUV compatibility
by maximizing safety. All wheel models are
tested in virtual wheel analyzes (FEA). Forged
engineering uses Solidworks, Unigraphics,
Autocad, Ansys, Workbench and Powermill
programs for product design and analysis.





Forged does not desing custom forging wheels to reduce cnc
workmanship time, making it straightforward for manufacturing
ease. Every detail is thought very thin on all my forged wheels.
The design process is carried out in accordance with customer
requirements and blank spaces in the market.


All of our special wheels are carefully examined to ensure that your car
is precisely superior to the OEM wheels in accordance with the center
diameter mounting surface, ET offset values and braking system,
to minimize the weight of the gauge wheel, to maximize the vehicle's
wheel dimensions help.



Kmforged has developed a machining
process with wide range of machinery
and expert staff in every process to
produce the best quality and precision
wheels for forged rims in the industry
and has not hesitated offer these steps
to you.                                                                                                             



Kmforged wheels are manufactured from magnesium and
titanium alloy aluminum used in the 6061-T6 heat-
treated aerospace industry to pass through performance
and the toughest tests. In this case, our forged wheels
are improved versions of orginal OEM automobile wheels.


Each wheel is designed in CAD programs and then processed
in CNC using computer aided manufacturing software (CAM)
programs. Forged uses the world's most advanced CAM program
the Powermill program.


The first operation in machining for the production of forged
rims is the cnc turning. Forged has both vertical turning and
high speed CNC turning. This gives us more precise processing
and brighter surfaces. At this stage, more than half of the rough
material is processed and chip is removed.


After turning, the cnc miling operations are processed
according to the CAM program sequence to provide the
desired shapes. Forged uses diamond- tipped pliers to
provide the smoothest surface. In this respect, CNC
machines are at the highest level of precision.


After all cnc operations and face design have been 
completed (FEA), it is the process of discharging excess
weights from the rear of the rim surface in accordance
with their analysis. Extra lightness between 5% and %10
is achieved.


The forged rims allow the rim with the order number to be
the original of the rim, or the whole storage of the rim can
be stored for a lifetime. Because the serial numbers are
registered with your name, you may be asked to provide
information such as stolen, you will certainly not be a victim.



Quality requires precise control. Forged offers excellence on
all its wheels, so each dimension is tested with individual
quality control devices. The most critical measurement here
is that the rotating wheel has full roundness. Forged 
performance gives you wonders.